BCS Breakdown and Heisman Pick

This is a little late but this weekend was a great weekend for football. The biggest surprise, or non-surprise depending on how much you follow football, was Alabama being beat at home by Johnny Manziel‘s Texas A&M squad. Bama had two chances to potentially with the game and both were ended by mental mistakes. On the first potential opportunity, The Crimson Tide were running a rub route to the flat near the endzone (Note: a rub route is a route in which a receiver sets a “pick” on the other receiver’s corner to free him up). In this scenario, Amari Cooper, the Tide Wide out, did not set a good enough screen on A&M’s Deshazor Everett who was able to intercept the ball. AJ McCarron should have been able to read that and hold on to the ball for a split second longer to find Cooper in the back of the endzone. The other Bama brain-fart came when they were drawn offsides on a punt that could have given them the ball with 35ish seconds remaining which may have been for a winning score. Besides the Alabama “upset,” not too much happened in the week. K-State, Oregon, and Notre Dame all won making the race for the National Championship that much tighter. The top ten this week are: 1. Kansas State, 2. Oregon, 3. Notre Dame, 4. Alabama, 5. Georgia, 6. Florida, 7. LSU, 8.  Texas A&M, 9. South Carolina, and 10. Florida State (for the rest of the BCS Top 25 go here).

This year’s Heisman race is one of the most exciting ones to date. It seems that there is a new frontrunner every week which should make the first weekend in December that much more exciting. I know that most of the experts are still picking Collin Klein (who will probably win) but I would like to see Johnny Manziel or Kenjon Barner win. Manziel has been ridiculous for the Aggies all year and carried the team on his back last week. Barner has been a consistent homerun threat all year long and is one of the leading rushers in the FBS. Klein, though, has been consistently amazing all year and will continue to put up good numbers considering he does not play a decent defense all year.

Check back tomorrow for the Top 25 matchup previews!


2 responses to “BCS Breakdown and Heisman Pick

  1. I wonder if Johnny Manziel’s freshmen status hurts him in the Heisman race, or if that is a non-factor. Either way, he’s been impressive as a first-year starter.

  2. I feel as though Heisman races are always decided by who’s team is undefeated the longest. It’s a pointless concept since the Heisman is about the best individual performance, but I still think that voters put too much emphasis on where your team is standing when the BCS bowls come round.

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